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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News on the CW 44  CW  December 20, 2012 10:00pm-10:30pm PST

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the vice president lay we can only save one life. we have to take action. >> racing no time.
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the vice president lays out the ground work for assault on gun violence. >> and so we have had a ton of new buyers. across the country and the bay area. gun sales are surging. and so do the efforts to get them off the streets. >> and why stop the gun buybacks? who is offering cash for violent video games. good evening i'm juliette goodrich. >> i'm ken bastida. let's get right to it. rain moving into the bay area as we speak. cbs 5 meteorologist paul is here to fire up the radar, which is firing up. the key is sending the signal out and getting it back, which means we have rain out there, especially at the golden gate area. i'll take you there. santa rosa west of the bay on north and east of st. helena and clear lake and clover dale and lake port. but the majority is still waiting for the first drops of rain. the central and south bay, they are currently just sitting there dry and cloudy.
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the wind advisory will be windy along for the rainfall at the coast and the city of the north bay with the sustained winds. and some isolated gusts to 50 miles per hour tomorrow morning. here's that much rain. just a couple drifts there. three to six inches of new rainfall for the north bay mountains. you'll see two to five inches of rain and santa clara county. two to three inches of new rainfall by the end of the week. the timing arriving and how long it will stick around and whether or not it will impact your travel coming up before christmas in a few minutes. >> all right, thanks. whiteout conditions stranding fliers in the midwest. it dumped tons of snow in the midwest. more than 500 flights out of chicago's o'hare and midway have been canceled. airlines are waiving fees for customers who want to change flights because of all that
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snow. six more victims of the newtown massacre were laid to rest today. two teachers and four fourth graders. one was 6-year-old jesse lewis killed while trying to lead other kids to safety. also honored today is teacher anne marie murphy. there will be a moment of silence at 6:30 tomorrow morning our time marking one week since the killings. but for many it still has not sunk in yet. >> it is unfathomable, you know, even looking at all of this, it is not believable. it's like did it really happen? >> and also today nancy lanza, the mother of the gunman was remembered in a small private service. meanwhile washington got to work today on the problem of gun violence in america. vice president biden held the first meeting of the tax-force charged with reviewing the countries gun laws, recommending changes. the president wants some concrete proposals in hand by
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the state of the union address next month. >> and the president, he is absolutely committed to keeping his promise and that we will act and we will act in a way that will be designed, even if they could only save one life. and we have to take action. >> the focus of the task force will be going beyond gun policy and the emergency procedures. even the readiness of the gun violence. any time the push picks up steam, so do the gun sales. this time it is not an exception. as cbs 5 reporter shows us that the bay area gun dealers could barely keep them on the shelves. >> and that hand guard will be attached by them. >> reporter: here at the gun vault in mountainview, he said business has been brisk. one of the most popular sellers, the ar-15 semiautomatic rifle.
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>> well the government is wanting to ban certain types of rifles. they are very popular. and people have a sense on buying them now pushed over. and they can't get here very quickly. >> with fears of changes and the federal gun law and a possible reinstatement of the possible weapons banned, which expired in 2004, gun owners and enthusiast is not taking any chances. >> we have a ton of new buyers. people that never bought them before to come in and get one. it might be the last chance to get one. >> any time that something bad involving guns takes place, it often has negative effects on the legal gun owners. >> is it going to be a rough road ahead? >> i think that it might be. they will have some laws on it. you have crazy people out there, which will be screwed up and it's normal. >> the increase for the national criminal background system or ncis was at an all- time high this past november after president obama's re- election. and with reports of the brisk
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sales across the country now, it's possible that december will be another record month. it will be a criminal stance. and i think what will need to be made more focus is on a national level, how the security weapons are there so people can't get them. >> and here in california, a group of the democratic senators are taking aim at the ammunition proposal. a big permit to buy the ammunition, which would require a background check. and reporting from mountainview, cbs 5. >> so that's what's going on at the gun stores and the efforts to get them off the streets. and no, that doesn't necessarily require an act of congress. and cbs 5 reporter joe vazquez explains it only takes about $200. >> i think if people really want to show that they are sick of violence in oakland and that's a direct response. >> just a few days over the gun buyback in oakland, the youth uprising say that even more young people have come forward
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to sell back all sorts of weapons for $200 each from handguns to rifles. even ones with a bay and net and many are more sophisticated than what the cops carry. >> this guy, a mac11, capable of going fully automatic. >> reporter: another young man turned in a machine gun as well. this is a calico .9 mm, going automatic with the choice between50 rounds and -- between 50 rounds and 100-round magazines a-- 100 rounds in a magazine each. >> we kept the door open, asking for guns. >> reporter: the man putting more than $100,000 behind the project keep stevens, owner of the purple heart says that he is inspired to do more. >> with all the pardons that we have in place and, you know, individuals reaching out from across the country, now we are looking at a national gun
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buyback day as we often have a national night out. >> reporter: the mayor ed lee declared san francisco's buyback effort a success with 300 guns, also recovered over the past weekend. >> right there. and he also announced he is proposing two new gun control laws for the city. one that bans the hollow point bullets and another that notifies law enforcement when anyone buys about 500 rounds or more of any type of ammunition. joe vazquez, cbs5. the buyback strategy doesn't end with guns as cbs 5 reporter sharon chin shows us that the bare area group wants to round up what many see as a contributing factor to violence. >> it's uncharted. >> reporter: this customer whodeclined to give up his -- who declined to give up his name. >> violent games that they urge people to turn in. it's a part of the weapons buyback program with police and
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sheriff offices on martin luther king's birthday, january 15 and again on january 21. >> they get into these violentscenarios where people are killing people and a young person becomes desensitized, totally what it means to take a human life. >> reporter: he says that the buy back idea came from the parents of the newtown shooting. if you turn in a violent video game, you might get back money, the amount depends on how much the program raises. this mom approves. >> i think that parents need to be more aware of what the children are playing. >> reporter: some agree with the video game industry that playing doesn't lead to violence. >> it doesn't make me crazy. i just know it's a video game. >> reporter: the focus follows reports that the newtown gunman played call of duty and star craft. on capitol hill, the demonstrated from west virginiaintroducing legislation to the violent video games on
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children. >> it becomes the city's 124th homicide of the year. he was walking with a relative on international boulevard when the gun battle broke out across the street. the 41-year-old was hit by a stray bullet, collapsed, and died on the spot. homicide detectives are examining the surveillance video in their search for the suspects. and alameda county district attorney says that crime in oakland is, "out of control. " nancy o'malley said that crime is spilling over into neighborhood cities like -- cities like like piedmont.
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>> now there is one problem. his own party hung him out to dry. there wasn't enough support so speaker boehner canceled the vote. he designed that bill to prevent automatic tax hikes on the first of the year for people making less than $1 million. boehner said it's up to the president and the democrats now to make their move. >> i did my part. they've done nothing. >> it's very, very, very unfortunate that republicans are wasting an entire week on a number of pointless political stunts. >> house members are heading out of d.c. for christmas. when they get back there will be just four days left to hammer out a deal. cutting up strong words from the mayor of san bruno. >> in the wake of the deadly san bruno pipeline explosion, pg&e is updating their structures, earning them a
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problem forcing pg&e customers to suffer. >> they are making a profit from this and the customers shouldn't suffer. >> they plan for a safer pipeline. who profits and who will pay. also a new chapter in one community's fight against a convenience store. why 7-eleven may suddenly have to close its doors. and the city of oakland is sitting on a pile of cash tonight. more than $316,000. only problem, some of it may rightfully belong to you.
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peaks: a major injury we will be paying for improvem -- to prevent th osion that killed your natural gas bill is going up. we will be paying for improvements to prevent the kind of explosion that killed
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eight people destroying a san brunei neighborhood. cbs5 julie watts explains. they are upgrading their infrastructure. upgrades that will earn pg&e a profit and force pg&e customers to pay. >> the victim shouldn't have to suffer because pg&e is making a profit from this explosion. >> reporter: many were outraged when they approved a $299 million rate increase to help pg&e pay for its pipeline safety plan. san bruno's mayor echoed a popular sentiment. >> you allow a utility responsible for the deaths of eight citizens, friends, and family to profit as a direct result of that tragedy. >> reporter: the watchdog group urged them not to let pg&e make any profit noting that many of the required fixes are due to pg&e negligence. but the spokesperson says that the company is paying for its
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mistakes. this money is for new improvements. >> what's important to know is that it was needed to meet new regulations. these are regulations that were put in place after san bruno. any work that needs to be done to meet existing relations have done and continue to be paid for by the shareholders. >> reporter: she says they are disappointed in their decision and because the utility had asked for about 60% more. they hope to have raised about more than $2 million a month and they approved that about l 88 cents next year. the money that will -- that will be used to add insult to injury for the current victories. >> the picking up is that nothing happens in the business as usual. i'm very sorry, i'm just emotional. >> the thing that you see them say, they were trying to strike a balance between punishing pg&e for the past mistakes, encouraging the company to invest in safety. cbs 5. parking has been a sure
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subject in oakland for years now. the city has been keeping money owed to drivers who overpaid parking tickets. how can this be? >> no one likes getting a parking ticket. >> they were going to give me a ticket just now. >> reporter: but in oakland if you've got one and paid too much, it was likely that you would never see that money again. >> i'm dismayed that management has allowed this practice. >> reporter: in a report released today, last year people accidentally overpaid the city of oakland $316,000 in parking fees. instead of giving the money back, they quietly kept the cash. >> the city auditor, it was absolutely surprising. it's not our money. >> reporter: state law requires that they inform people that they have overpaid to collect their money. something that san francisco and l.a. do, but it appears that oakland never has.
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>> we found no evidence that they have ever refunded the citizens in the past. >> i am more concerned about corruption on the city officials. >> reporter: they would not go on camera tonight to talk about this. in a statement they made some changes. but the bottom line is they don't have the money or manpower to pay people back. >> they seem to be in a big hurry to take their money. but they are never in a hurry to give any of that money back. >> reporter: going back to try to refund years of overpayment is not feasible, but they have agreed to apply it as credit to a driver's other unpaid tickets. to start posting public notices for unclaimed money. something they should have been doing all along. in oakland, cbs 5. and we have developing news tonight from san francisco's famous twin peaks. a -- a major injury accident, a crash. there police tell us that a car hit four pedestrians less than an hour ago neither vista point. that's the parking lot at the
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top there. the driver then took off. the impact knocked them from the roadway down the hill. one person, they have life threatening injuries, we're told. another in critical condition. firefighters and rescue workers are bringing up people now. police say that they have spotted a possible suspect vehicle and a driver. we have a reporter headed to the scene as we will have more on cbs5 coming up at 11:00. the saga surrounding the san mateo 7-eleven is taking yet another twist. kit do has been following this story and brings us the latest intrigue in this convenience store conflict. >> reporter: this new 7-eleven in san mateo had only been open for 13 days when the city planning commission voted to shut it down. but the story of how it was allowed to open in the first place has now reached the highest levels of city government. >> quiet honestly i hope that there is no shenanigans going on because i don't want to live in a city doing that. >> reporter: it used to be an
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old italian deli six months ago. the zoning should revert back to residential, but 7-eleven was granted a permit anyway. neighbors cried foul saying the whole process was rushed and done behind closed doors. >> they tried to slip it under the radar. really what happens, they got caught with the hands in their cookie jar by saying it's not fair. >> reporter: they pointed the finger at the city council member, jack matthews whose architecture firm called them numerous times right around the time that the 7-eleven permit was granted. matthews declined an on-camera interview, but said while his firm has done work on the site in the past, it was not involved with the 7-eleven and they have done nothing wrong. mayor david lim is standing by the council member matthews. >> i've always found him to be above board and ethical and, you know, just a great council member to work with. always thinking about the community. >> lim is a district deputy in the county pulling all city phone logs and e-mails about the 7-eleven. >> in the course of getting there, i found that there
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appeared to be communication that would cause a person to have some suspicion about how things were going. >> reporter: the owner said they spent close to $9 million in renovation. if they were forced to close, they would sue the city to get that money back. he's not worried about that now. he's going to follow the law and do what's right. the city will pick up the issue in january. in san mateo, cbs 5. there are less than five hours left in autumn and then we say hello winter. mother nature will introduce winter to us on a wet note. details on how wet coming up next.
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sometimes you just need to crank up the radar, man, to see what's coming. >> sometimes you need to fire it up and see what happens. >> yes, let them do their thing, which will be happening a lot over the next couple of days. we're going to be wet, especially traveling up in the mountains. wait until you see the snow report. wow, you're going to be happy once you get there, heading up through the sierras. high definition doppler tonight. a lot of rainfall in the 101
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corridor for about half way up into the sonoma county all the way into these counties. you're getting steady rainfall. now, let's see how close that rain has gotten to san francisco as close as this area. and just to the north of the city. so now it will be several more hours before making it into the city, but it will be getting here for a while. 51 and cloudy in con -- concord. winter storm warning as i mentioned, tough travel, windy, snowy in the sierra. going up to 7,000 feet, but above that mark, two to four feet of the new snow here by saturday night with another foot of new snow possible. and it will be coming up on sunday into monday. christmas eve. so we've got a big storm out there. a lot of moisture being grabbed, thrown right into the northern california area. you can see it's working its way south and almost into the bay area right now to the north bay. tonight and tomorrow it will be windy and wet with a front moving through. this is the first in about three different fronts. not expecting any widespread
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flooding or river problems. it'll be just soggy and the time for many of you hitting the road or air will be rough. some of you going to the mall to go shopping, it'll be wet for you too. they are not moving. we'll be wet all the way on through the weekend. and the heaviest rain will be up to the north. nearly an inch. about a quarter of an inch for tomorrow morning and concord and haywood. now what to expect? they get here for the morning hours. rain heavy at times all the way through sunday, but skies will clear by christmas eve. high tomorrow, san jose 56. hayward at 55. mid-50s and wet for pleasant hill and san ramon and low to mid-50s for san rafael and alameda. calling for rain all the way through sunday as we dry out christmas eve. rain moves back by christmas night and more rain on wednesday and thursday. so a soggy pattern as we say hello to winter. that's it for the cbs 5 forecast. >> all right, now one 49er is
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lighter in the wallet. another status in jeopardy. are they going to get any nhl games in this season? sports update in a minute. ,,,,
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kes... stanford basketball is one of four schools in the parker sweepstakes. parker is the highest rated most recruited high school basketball player. he's taking his talent to top- ranked duke. got a minute? how about the nhl? they canceled all their games through january 14 because of a lockout. that's roughly half the season's schedule. the sharks have lost 41 games including 20 at home. so the league is going to have a season at all, then you most likely would start by late
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january. the 49ers defensiveman, justin smith in a game-tieing play. he has not practiced this week. coach jim harbaugh said a couple weeks ago he expected smith to play, but he was not at the practice facility at all today. and his teammate was fined $21,000 today by the league for that hit on patriot's tight end aaron hernandez on sunday. the hit not only cost golden some money, but he is now being deemed, "a repeat offender." that's all by the league. when you've got that hanging around your head, your reputation is not good. >> yes, need to finish the season too. >> thanks. and that's it for us. see you at 11:00 for cbs5. [ female announcer ] here's to a whole world
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